Multi-Mission Rehab Trailer

Firefighters routinely face extreme conditions that threaten their safety and operational effectiveness. Smoke inhalation, heat from direct flames, as well as summer high and winter low temperatures, can all take their toll. The rehab process combats these risk factors by providing an environmentally controlled space that allows firefighters to return their vital signs to normal. CrewBoss Rehab Trailers are designed with a specific set of features to support this mission, and comply with NFPA 1584 requirements for firefighter rehab.

Exterior Features

Almost all of our Rehab Trailers come equipped with awnings as a cost-effective way to add space that is protected from the sun, rain, and snow. Below the awning we mounted a sleek gear rack (the black bar across the side) to hang protective turnouts before beginning the rehab process. Whelen scene and emergency lighting is also available to provide visibility during nighttime calls.

Gas and diesel generators are tried and true, but they also tend to be noisy and produce a notable amount of exhaust. Since part of the rehab requirement is to provide clean air for firefighters we opted for a liquid propane generator. Propane burns much cleaner, and offers the added benefit of easy refueling by simply swapping canisters.

Interior Features

Comfortable seating in a climate controlled space is a must for all rehab systems. Our trailers accomplish this with padded benches that fold up to create more storage space when not in use. On this particular trailer we utilized the most powerful HVAC unit available to ensure that the interior is chilly in the summer, and toasty in the winter. Custom built rollup curtains are used to separate the rehab seating from the rest of the trailer.

This trailer was outfitted with a kitchenette, to provide hot meals for responders in the field. The mini-fridge also allows for cold storage of water and sports drinks, both of which are requirements for the rehab process. In the very front we included a full bathroom, with a shower, sink, and toilet. These features were also necessary to serve this trailer's secondary mission as a search and rescue support system, which brings us to the trailer's final feature.

Firefighter search and rescue trailer

With a load bearing ramp door in the back, and bed-liner flooring, this trailer was designed to carry a wide variety of ATVs, UTVs, and side by sides to support search and rescue operations.

FireFighter Equipment Trailer
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Only The Brave

After a long wait we finally get to break our silence on an extraordinary project that CrewBoss was proud to be a part of. The trailer for "Only The Brave" came out today. This film honors the sacrifice of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who lost their lives on the Yarnell Hill Fire. Last year CrewBoss custom manufactured all of the PPE for the actors with extreme attention to historical accuracy. We can't wait for the premier in October!

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