Protecting Firefighters Since 1988


CrewBoss was forged in the great western wildfires, where grueling conditions called for gear that could stand up to thick brush and intense heat for weeks on end. Over the last three decades we have answered that call, providing quality protective clothing with legendary toughness, and surprising levels of comfort.

CrewBoss is bringing that reputation to the firehouse, with a new line of NFPA 1975 certified Station Wear. Structural firefighters can now experience the same level of American made quality that their wildland counterparts have enjoyed for many years. 


Dedicated Product Design


On site manufacturing and a made to order production process allow CrewBoss to offer an unmatched level of customization to its customers. We will work with your department to meet or create custom garment specs to fit your unique needs. Contact our sales team to get the customization process started today.


Our dedicated product design team and strong customer relationships have established CrewBoss as a market leader in P.P.E. innovation. We are constantly incorporating real world feedback to build tougher, more comfortable garments, that establish new industry standards for personal protection.