Wildland Fabric Guide

Advances in fabric technology over the past few years have resulted in a handful of new fire-resistant fabrics making their way onto the market. We made this guide to help you choose the fabric that best fits your needs out on the fireline.


In the short time that it has been on the market, Tecasafe has quickly become one of our most popular fire resistant fabrics. Tecasafe's blend of fibers is designed to move moisture away from the wearer while generating an evaporative cooling effect in warm environments, while regulating temperatures in cooler environments. 

Tecasafe is naturally flame resistent and as such its fire resistant qualities will never wear out. It's a great option when considering a cost-effective fire resistant pant. 

Cost: $
Breathability: High     
Strength: Low


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When you think fire resistant pants, you might instantly think Nomex. And that's for good reason. Nomex has been the standard for fire resistant fabrics for more than 50 years. Nomex has permanent thermal protection that will never be washed or worn out, making it an all-around solid fabric at an affordable price.

Cost: $$
Breathability: Moderate  
Strength: High



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Pants made with Advance fabric are known for their durability. This fabric is a combination of the fire resistant Nomex and the ultra-strong Kevlar. Advance pants will last season after season in the roughest of environments. 

Cost: $$$
Breathability: Low    
Strength: Very High



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Pioneer fabric is truly the best of both worlds. Pioneer is the toughest material on the fire-resistant pant market, and does so without sacrificing any breathability. Pioneer's strength comes from the use of Kevlar fibers, and is near-impossible to rip while still maintaining a high level of comfort and breathability

Pioneer's benefits make it one of the most expensive FR fabrics, but those that opt for Pioneer pants do so knowing it'll be the last pant they'll need to buy for some time. 

Cost: $$$$
Breathability: High     
Strength: Very High



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