Sizing Your CrewBoss Brush Pants

In order to get the best possible fit in a pair of CrewBoss Brush Pants, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration. Our pants are not vanity sized like the jeans off the rack from your local department store, and as such require accurate measurements to get the best fit. CrewBoss garments are true-to-size; your waist measurement is the size you should order. 


For the best fit possible, measure your waist approximately where you want the top of your pants to rest, and order that size. Wrap a tape measure around your waist, and measure to the end of the tape. Correspond that number with the sizing chart below, and this is the size you should order. 

Our pants won't shrink significantly in the wash; order the size that you measure. If you prefer a bit of room in your fit, add 1 inch to the measurement you come up with and order that size. 


When you receive your CrewBoss pants, try them on as soon as possible. Out of the bag, they should fit exactly how you'd like. If not, proceed to return them. Do not wash them in hopes that they will shrink, and do not remove the tags.


If you receive your pants and they don't fit for any reason, again, do not wash them. CrewBoss is unable to accept returns directly for products purchased through our distributors. You must return the garment directly to the distributor from who it was purchased. If you purchased your pants directly from the CrewBoss website, contact us to initiate a return.